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#ifndef _CRC32_H
#define _CRC32_H 1

#ifndef HAVE_U_INT32_T
# ifdef HAVE_UINT32_T
   typedef uint32_t u_int32_t;
# else
   /* Just pray that this is large enough. */
   typedef unsigned long int u_int32_t;
# endif

/* CRC32 context */
00014 struct crc32_ctx
      u_int32_t crc32;

/* make the interface identical to that exported by md5.c */
#define crc32_finish_ctx(ctx) (void)0
extern void crc32_init_ctx(struct crc32_ctx *ctx);
extern void crc32_process_bytes(const void *buffer, size_t len, struct crc32_ctx *ctx);
extern u_int32_t crc32_read_ctx(const struct crc32_ctx *ctx);

#endif /* _CRC32_H */

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